Packed with powerful features to benefit every shop's needs

Streamline quotes & estimates to save time and money.
Complete customer order history is just two clicks away.
Simplify your shipping process with UPS integration and tracking.
Reports and sales graphs at your fingertips.
Easy Quickbooks integration means no double entry.
Streamline production scheduling and increase margin by efficiently utilizing resources.
Expand your payment options with a super easy way to process credit cards.
Tens of thousands of vendor products at your fingertips, No more guess work.
Free and friendly tech support is just a quick call away.

PriceIt X8 Overview

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A few years ago Mirror Image evaluated as many screenprint / embroidery order software options as we could find. We selected PriceIt which is easy to use, powerful enough to get the job done, and a tremendous bargain in terms of price. Since our purchase the software which was already great, has improved with each update. They also have very good technical support and they are great people to deal with.
Rick Roth, Mirror Image Inc.
After doing everything on paper and having to eat orders because of stupid mistakes I decided to give PriceIt a try. It’s already saved my ass twice and saved me considerable amounts of money and time. This thing literally pays for itself.
Danley Simon, Paradigm Printers
I want Thank for doing such a great job on the last upgrade. It really made a big difference, quick transaction , and easy to work remotely.
Kamel Takla, Ad-A-Print
Just thought we would write you and let you know how much we rely on your software every day for our business functions – couldn’t imagine ever going back to what we had before. Thanks for all the updates and modifications you have provided over the past two years we have been using it. All of the changes make it easier to run our business and we continue to get a better picture of our bottom line because we can continue to track jobs through the entire process. It’s also great to have one program with all of the information for each job in it – saves a ton of work when completing jobs. – Thanks again!
Brad and Lisa Sharp, Sharp Stitches
Most people can’t remember what they had for breakfast let alone the 20-30 individual details of every single screen printing or embroidery order they have in their shop. Problems with orders here used to start out as snowflakes. They were avalanches by the time they get back to the shop’s bookkeeper, leaving frazzled employees and dissatisfied customers in their wake. With PriceIt, we’re back on track. We make less mistakes, the work gets done on time and our cash flow has improved dramatically. Everyone in our shop knows what to do and when to do it. And most of all, we can sleep at night.Well, Ron I know the Master Edition is driving you crazy right now, but I definitely want to say a big thank you for everything. I haven’t regretted going with PriceIt for a second. You’ve been a *HUGE* help to me in bringing this place out of the Stone Age.
Shawn, HSP Makreting
The latest improvements to your Priceit Software are simply fantastic! Keep up the good work.
Walt Palmer, Fast & Fancy Embroidery
I practiced as a CPA for fifteen years with one of the largest accounting firms in the world before starting in the embroidery and screen printing business. I know controls, accounting, and reporting, and Price It Software handles it all. Image Camp produces orders ranging from the NFL Superbowl merchandise to small custom orders, and we could not do it as well without Price It. We love your program and are very pleased to be working with your Company. The customer service and technical support have been excellent. Thank you for exceeding our expectations.
Tiger Mullen, Image Camp
My compliments to you. I’m thoroughly enjoying learning, utilizing and offering suggestions of improvement. It’s wonderful to work with someone who is extremely receptive to suggestions for improvement. The program is simple to use. We’ve imported a two color letterhead (royal and red) which when combined with black copy makes it a three color invoice, contractor work order, packing slip. Looks very professional. Makes our company look like a major player. Ivam certain that because of your program, in time we will double and triple our business without the usual error ratio that normally occurred previously when ever we got very, very busy.
Keith Treiber, American Logowear
In business we have all purchased products that are now in the corner collecting dust. I just want to say PriceIt Software is not one of those products. We have been users of Ron’s product since 2002 and it has become a great asset to our business. I can not imagine running this business today without it. I feel PriceIt has paid for itself many times over, with time savers in ordering products, estimating jobs, job scheduling, less errors, e-mailing quotes and more. The software is very easy to use and we have taught it to all our employees. I do all my accounting in Quick Books, and PriceIt works great with it Quick Books as well. You can expect GREAT support on the product as well. We just updated to version 9.5 and the UPS function is great addition to the product. If you want to get your business flowing smoother, then this is the product to do it with. Thanks to Ron and gang at PriceIt.
Mike and Ginnie Gushulak, Buncombe Embroidery Screen Print
Priceit is excellent you really made a fantastic program, it allows us to take our minds off the bottom line, we know we’re making money on every order. Anyone who doesn’t use this program or another type of management software is wasting their time quoting and losing money. The cost of Priceit is nothing compared to how much time is saved and money we could be losing on every order. Thank you for an excellent program!
Graphic Xpressions
Ron, after using Priceit for over six months, I can safely tell you that we have recuperated the cost of the software in less then 90 days! We evaluated MANY programs before deciding to go with Priceit, and without a doubt Priceit is the best cost control and shop management software available. We have seven workstations using Priceit, and it has become a must-use tool in our business. – Thanks also for the excellent customer service.
Mario Matos, Chameleon Services.
Just wanted to let you know that the program is great. I have tried other programs and yours is the best in every area. I would highly recommend this product to anyone in the industry. Great Performance, Great Support, Great Price.
Embroidery Screen Print Warehouse
PriceIt Software has stream-lined my entire screen printing & embroidery operation. With this software I have seen increased productivity while nearly eliminating mistakes. I would recommend this software to any start up or existing/established shop.
Vincent Azzi, Road Side Graphics
PriceIt Software has stream-lined my entire screen printing & embroidery operation. With this software I have seen increased productivity while nearly eliminating mistakes. I would recommend this software to any start up or existing/established shop.
Vincent Azzi, Road Side Graphics
The new version of PriceIt really kicks ass. How does your competition even stay in business?
James Woodworth, Fast & Fancy Embroidery
Just wanted to let you guys know how much Ad-Wear Advertising enjoys the PriceIt software. I feel we made the right decision last year after looking at several options of software at the screen printing show in New Orleans. I would highly recommend this software to anyone in the industry.
Mike Redmond, Ad-Wear Advertising
The new version of PriceIt really kicks ass. How does your competition even stay in business?
James Woodworth, Fast & Fancy Embroidery


There’s a PriceIt Solution for every size shop and budget.

  • Free Phone Support
  • Estimates & Invoicing
  • Data Backup & Protection
  • Order History
  • Vendor Data
  • Product Purchasing
  • House Work Orders
  • Email Integration
  • Reporting
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Embroidery Colorway
  • Job Status Indicator
  • 256-bit SSL Encryption
  • Data Hosting
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Contract Work Orders
  • Artwork Approval
  • Upload Documents
  • Costing
  • Production Scheduling
  • Assign Tasks
  • Sales Rep Login
  • Unlimited Pricing Matrices
  • Job Tracking
  • Inventory Fulfillment
  • Purchase Orders
  • Contacts
  • Packing Slips
  • Print Envelopes
  • Print Forms
  • Record Misprints
  • Dropship Address
  • Commission Reports
  • Overhead Estimator
  • Follow Up Calendar
  • Receive online payments and email payment links with invoicesProduct Hang Tags
  • Customers can check order status, enter orders and reorders, make payments, and upload artworkLabels & Letters
  • Online Invoice Payments
  • Customer Web Portal
  • Setup Fee


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