Meet the PriceIt Software Team!

Over 35 years in the Screen Printing & Embroidery business and 22 years in the Software Development industry.


It’s been 22 years since Ron Bascom decided he needed to change the way he managed work flow and communication at Perfect Image – his Screen Printing and Embroidery shop. After looking around for a software solution that would allow him to handle order entry, quotes, invoicing, work orders, scheduling, inventory, and shipping – he found that there was no solution developed specifically for the Screen Printing and Embroidery industry. He the went immediately to work and developed a solution to serve his business needs and better serve his customers. After using his in-house software solution for a while, he began to wonder if other businesses like his would benefit from his software as well. After attending a trade show in Las Vegas and a meeting with Industry peers – he had his answer and PriceIt Software was born.

Fast-forward 23 years  – PriceIt is helping Screen Printing and Embroidery companies everywhere maximize efficiency, streamline communications, and save thousands of dollars in costly errors. PriceIt has had two decades of customer feedback and loyalty that has allowed it to continually improve and evolve.

Just as PriceIt Software has evolved – so has the team

Lead tech support manager Brian Walker loves helping customers and helping them get the most out of PriceIt. His easy-going demeanor and knowledge make him a valuable part of the team.


Marketing and Sales Manager Larry LaBarge loves to preach to gospel of PriceIt. It’s important to him (and the whole team) that people feel like they’re joining a community instead of just buying a piece of software.