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Step One: Click the [Embroidery] Artwork button.

Step Two: Click [Get/Set Art] button.

Step Three: Click the green [+] button.

Step Four: Select your artwork and click the [Open] button.

Step Five: Click the [Colors] button

Step Six: Select Thread Manufacturer from the dropdown box. Then select your thread colors to build your colorway. When done click the red [X]


Step Seven: Click the[Select] button.

Step Eight: Click the [Artwork Approval] button.

Step Nine: Click the [Templates] button.

Step Ten: Select mockup template from the dropdown box. Then Click on the [EMB] button and then the [Done] button.

Step Eleven: Adjust the image size and location on the template by using the artwork control module.

Step Twelve: Click on the [E-Mail] button.

Step Thirteen: Click the [Send Through Desktop App] button.

Step Fourteen: Click the [OK] button on the “Message Sent" dialogue box. Now click the [Send] button to send your artwork approval.