PriceIt Software's SMS messaging integration lets you text customers for payments, artwork approvals, and general messaging. Canned message templates makes sending messages easy and quick.

How to set up SMS Messaging in Priceit Software

  • *Sign up for a Twilio Account.
  • From the order entry screen click the text icon. (see below)
  • Click The [setup] text.
  • Copy your Twilio Auth Token & Account SID from the Twilio Console and paste it into PriceIt's Twilio Setup. (see below)

  • Copy the Phone Number you chose when you setup your Twilio account and paste into PriceIt's Twilio Setup (see above)
  • Once all this is done click on the [Authenticate Twilio Account] link. (see above)

That's it! Please let us know if you hit a snag or need help in any way. Now your customers will know immediately when you need them to approve artwork, pay an invoice, or need their attention asap.

*Please note: A Free Trial Twilio account will only send messages to your verified phone. A Twilio paid account is necessary to enable this feature to send to your customers. Additional texts are a penny each and the phone number costs $1/Month. Sign up here.