Inksoft Setup

How to set up your Inksoft Integration

*Let's assume you already have an Inksoft Store. (If not – set up your store(s) first then come back here for integration.)

Log into your Inksoft account and in the top right click [Admin Portal].

Next, click [WEB STORES] then [Manage]

On the left side menu click [Advanced] then [Store API]

Copy the API key to your clipboard.

In PriceIt, click and hold [Shortcuts].

Scroll all the way to the bottom and select [Inksoft]

Now click [Setup]

Click into the API Key field and paste the API Key into the field.

Now go back to your Inksoft page on the left side menu again and click [API 2 *beta*]

Now click into the Base URL field and copy the url (https://shop.xxxxxxxxx) >>>NOTE: DO NOT Copy the [/Ap12] segment of the url.<<<

Back in PriceIt – click into the Store URL field and paste the Store URL into the field.

Now just complete populating the rest of the fields and select your choices from the Update HubSpot, Update Customer, and Import Pricing dropdown menus.

Then click [Go To Orders]

You're now ready to start importing your Inksoft Store Orders! Check out the video below to learn how.