PriceIt X9.2

You spoke – we listened. Here are a few updates in X9.2 to make PriceIt even more powerful:

  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Push button Update Vendor Pricing and Product Colors
  • Autofill Customer Info
  • Shopify Integration
  • Enhanced U/I
  • Bi-directional artwork approval
  • User control with individual email settings
  • Outgoing email support (Desktop, Gmail, GoDaddy, Mail.com, Network Solutions, Office 365 Online
  • Push garment orders to AlphaBroder
  • Push garment orders to SanMar
  • Estimate Approval (Paylink Customers)
  • Push Estimates to Customer Portal for approval (Customer Portal Customers)
  • Third-party UPS billing
  • UPS labels now include line 2 address
  • Add products to Favorites
  • Hide products from the Customer’s Portal
  • Chart and group most reports
  • PayLink has the ability for the customer to get an updated Invoice showing payment history
  • Customers can now have a secondary email address one for billing and one for artwork…
  • Sections of the order entry toolbar will change colors based on the status
  • Find by municipal Order Numbers
  • When creating a new order or a reorder and you hit cancel, it will no longer increment the order number sequence
  • Added function to the Line Control for cut and Delete Product Quantities
  • Job Costing can be modified even when the order is locked
  • Status indicators for all embellishing locations
  • Renamed a ton of fields and tables (so the data is more coherent)
  • If there is a ship-to address the work orders indicate the order needs to be shipped

X9.1 New Features Overview

Bi-Directional Artwork Approval

Changing Default Account Name

Ordering from vendors is as easy as clicking a button. This will literally save you hours a week!

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