“Do I put my car repair tools in my carpentry toolbox? Do I put my electrical tools and multi-meter in my plumbing toolbox? The answer was “no!”"

What’s in Your Toolbox?

What is a toolbox? A toolbox is simply a place to keep your tools where you can find them again. As with any profession we have a place to keep our tools we use to do our daily work. It doesn’t matter if we are a mechanic, carpenter, chef, screen printer, landscaping, or a computer programmer – we all use tools.

Every day I get to talk with Screen Printers and Embroiderers from around the country. I try to listen to what our customers want and what the latest trends are in the industry so we can stay in step with what’s going on. Especially during this pandemic – people are getting creative in keeping their shops open. One of these creative solutions has been to expand their market to beyond their own zip code as well as make it super-easy for their customers to order and pay for an order without even having to come into the shop. One thing that keeps ringing like a bell lately is Web Stores and Micro-sites.

One of our customers, Tom Rauen (owner and founder of Envision Sportswear) has been using PriceIt for a long time. We are honored to be part of his success as we’ve watched his business grow into the powerhouse that it is today. Not long ago he asked us to integrate his web stores with PriceIt. We thought about it for a while and tossed around a lot of ideas. Originally we were going to develop our own web store within PriceIt. One thing that kept ringing loud and clear was do we really want to fill up the PriceIt toolbox with more tools and create a mega-bloated program? Do I put my car repair tools in my carpentry toolbox? Do I put my electrical tools and multi-meter in my plumbing toolbox? The answer was “no!” Why not? They are all different with different functions. Now all my tools may be in the same garage but they are not all stuffed into the same box. It’s a bad idea and can lead to confusion, unnecessary searching, and a big freaking mess. Why do we want to do that with our software?

PriceIt handles Shop Management very well. Shopify does web stores very well. We’ve already integrated PriceIt with Quickbooks, Hubspot, SanMar, AlphaBroder, (working on S&S), Outlook, UPS, Authorize.net, etc… Why not build a bridge and just integrate? So that is exactly what we did. Our developer and owner Ron spent many weekends and evenings to get it done and I am more than excited about the results. I took another look at it today and it literally blew my mind. This means that orders can be submitted and paid while you sleep and then easily pushed to PriceIt for further order management. He even went a step further and made it so a new customer is automatically added or updated to Hubspot when a Shopify order is pushed to PriceIt. If you haven’t checked it out yet that’s ok. I haven’t finished the video overview of it. That will be done in the next few days. Keep and eye out for it and let me know what you think. Trust me – you’re going to want to see this amazing feature in action! If you’re an existing PriceIt Customer and use Shopify you should call us ASAP so we can get you on board as a beta tester.

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