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Capterra Ease of Use for Apparel Management Aug-21
Capterra Best Value for Apparel Management Aug-21

Developed by Screen Printing & Embroidery Professionals in collaboration with hundreds of shops over the span of 20 years

Integrated Order Entry makes entering orders ridiculously easy.

Stay informed with powerful and dynamic Reporting.

Complete Customer Order History is just two clicks away.

Simplify your shipping process with SHIPPO, DHL, FEDEX, and UPS integration.

No more double entry with Online or Desktop Quickbooks Integration.

Easily process credit cards via  PAYSTRI,, PayFlow, or Pay Junction.

No more price searches with integrated Vendor Products and Pricing.

You're never on your own with friendly tech support just a quick phone call away.

Streamline operations with integrated Production Scheduler.

Get paid quicker with secure Pay Link added to your invoicing emails.

Access your data anytime with Cloud Based shop management.

Manage your workflow better and improve productivity.

Order blank garments in minutes instead of hours with push-button ordering.

Quickly convert Estimates to Orders with email integrated Estimate Approval.

Empower your sales staff with browser-based order entry.

Take the headache out of proofing with easy bi-directional Artwork Approval.

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Introducing PriceIt CORE™!

Screen Printing & Embroidery Shop Management Software without all the extra. PriceIt CORE™ is exactly what you need. No More. No Less!

Import your Shopify Store orders quickly and easily!

We developed this integration because so many shops are using Shopify Webstores to increase revenue, sell apparel online, as well as make it easier for sports teams, first responders, and civic groups to order garments online. You are no longer bound by the high price of your current over-priced Shop Management Software that wants a percentage of your sales! Maybe you already have a Shopify store and want to be able to import orders quickly and easily without having to re-type the orders into your Shop Management Software. If so – you've come to the right place!

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Vendor Product Pricing Lists

No more shuffling through catalogs to put an invoice or estimate together. PriceIt has several vendors and product lists to make pricing quick and easy.